Welcome to ObscureBlog 3.0! Don't worry, we're still incredibly Obscure. I'll let you know if anything changes.

It took me a long time to decide how to describe the site and what we do here, and then, magically, another blogger referred to us as "cultural commentary bloggers". Its so simple!

Jesse is the founder of ObscureBlog and, because he wants a cool title, head writer.

The Suze is a (very) occasional contributor to ObscureBlog. She also writes for enemy of the site We Know Promo.

Kevin is our resident political blogger and bleeding heart liberal.

Jim is occasional movie blogger, and more frequently Not Ebert to Jesse's Not Siskel.

Jessica the Viola Player is our resident middle school correspondent and, uh, viola player.

Daytrader, when he isn't playing the market, wants you to know what is grinding his gears.

Because we have alot of opinions. Because we like to hear the sound of our own voices. Because it feels good to build an echo chamber and crawl inside it, hearing nothing but the sound of your shared opinion coming back at you. And because, uh, doesn't everybody have a blog now?

You can find Jesse on the web on Flickr and YouTube.

Find The Suze on the web at her website, as well as (sworn enemy) We Know Promo.

Find Jim photo-blogging here.

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