@ January 5, 2011


Maybe it's because I have some kind of Pavlovian response to it now after three years of Starbucks being the sole means by which I can purchase alertness, but I found the (now old) Starbucks logo pleasing. So why the new monochromatic, worldess logo?

As the Suze put it, they want to graduate to Nike status. Yes! Nike status! I love it.

Nike status (n.): the final evolution of a brand, in which years of unrelenting marketing render the name and service offered by your company replaceable with a single basic image.

Which, of course, got me thinking: who else has achieved Nike status?

An obvious choice, I suppose, although, to be fair, the logo is in the shape of an apple. Nike and Starbucks have images that don't directly relate to either the product or the name of the company. Here's a fun game: type "apple" into Google and try to find a link related to fruit.

Lots of car companies, of course. Toyota, Honda, and Lexus use the first letter, which is cheating. BMW gets disqualified because of those pesky letters. Mercedes! There's a good one. Of course, the Germans have always been good with logos. And hey, there's something else Obama has in common with Hitler.

Any other good ones I've missed?


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