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Anybody who has ever done a crossword puzzle should not find this particularly impressive. When I'm watching "Wheel" regularly, which is all the time because it is the best, I will have a moment like this at least once a week. There's more to solving puzzles than the letters! Consider:

The apostrophe means that "_'__" can only be "I'VE" or "I'LL", and when she guessed L, she was able to narrow down the word.

A single letter by itself is either an I or an A, and because we know the first word is "I've", we should now know that this blank by itself is likely an A.

So while the ignorant among you read the puzzle as "_'__ ___ _ ____ ___L___ _____ ____", the expert player read "I'VE ___ A ____ ___L___ ____ ____". A good solve, to be sure, but not so stunning as you are all making it out to be.

Well, if its not so impressive, then why is she my perfect mate? Because she realized the value of the prize puzzle! She knew that by risking further spins, she was gambling not just with the $900 she had won, but actually with closer to $6,000 based on the average value of a prize puzzle. While my preferred move would have been to spin once more and guess "G" because there were three G's left (this had a higher expected value than simply solving), what she lost in monetary value she made up for in totally fucking badassery. Which you simply can't put a price on.


While I agree entirely with the logic you've applied here - it is entirely plausible she figured this out based upon that same logic - her reaction seems so forced. Maybe it's a product of being on television, but I think that reaction is underpinning the general response that she must have cheated to get that answer so quickly.

The only reason she seemed forced is that the correct reaction - an enthusiastic "suck it" gesture directed at Pat Sajak - would have been frowned upon, leaving her in an uncomfortable position.

I'd have divorced my wife immediately if she'd gotten it right, stood up on the bar separating her from the wheel, and repeatedly done crotch chops, all at Sajak.

I'm aware of this already, but still there were several useful pieces which concluded the picture for me, thank you!

Any man who feels the need to strong arm a 17 year old girl who was mean to him deserves no respect.

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