@ August 11, 2010

Call it the season of squandered opportunity. Call it a waste of my fucking time. Whatever you call it, there is no way this season ends with any satisfaction. Consider the following:

The seasons of the two most talented dancers on the show, Alex Wong and Ashley Galvan, were both cut short by injuries. Injuries also limited the screen time of Billy Bell and, more importantly, extended by exposure to Jose.

The much-hyped appearance of the All-Stars were thrown completely out of whack by the poor performance of the women on the show, resulting in a male-female imbalance that it took the producers weeks to find a satisfactory result to (hey, let's let two guys dance together! That's legal in California now, right?)

The judges held way too much sway over the season, retaining their power to select from the bottom three performers all the way through the Top 4. Which would have been okay, if the judges were able to adequately judge the talent in front of them.

All told, I count three memorable performances (Alex Wong getting out of his mind, Billy Bell as a hobo, and the memorable-for-the-wrong-reasons Adechike and Jose man-on-man paso); a winner who will be, at best, the third or fourth best dancer on the show this year; and Robert fucking Roldan in the finale. Jesus Christ.

The abbreviated rankings:

3. Robert Roldan

He can enjoy the extra TV exposure, but if he thinks he can actually win, then he's as fucking insane as he sometimes looks when smiling.

2. Lauren Froderman

Maybe it was the inevitability of her making the finale due to her lone-vaginal status the last several weeks, but I have cooled considerably on her chances to pull out an upset victory. She very capably performs everything handed to her without me actually feeling like I've seen anything special. She's cute, but not beautiful, if you get my meaning.

1. Kent Boyd

Kent, on the other hand: so beautiful.


Is there a post anywhere explaining your fascination with this show? As in, it talks about your days at the same the school where Fame was shot, before you blew out your knee and couldn't dance anymore? Because that would make sense. But if that isn't driving your interest here, what on Earth is?

My wife subjected me to an hour of this nonsense last night - instead of watching Season 2 of Breaking Bad I'll note - and by the end of it, it was nearly impossible to staunch the blood pouring out of my eyeballs.

And you're saying subsequent seasons have continued to deliver in the same way? Because what I saw last night were dances that seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with the music that they were choreographed to - is it even possible to enjoy Train, much less dance to its terrible music? I suppose the West Side Story clip was good, but Train, Huey Lewis, etc. was just excruciating to listen to on top of the generally boring performances. I remember some of the things you've posted, and they seemed good, but if this is what you end up with in the final, how can you do anything but hurl garbage at your television?

My opinion (which I think is adequately reflected in my reviews) is that this season, as well as the last season, have failed to live up to their potential, with only occasional spots of brilliance in an otherwise tepid morass of mediocrity.

This season sucks. I did enjoy the Lauren/Twitch debate routine, but of the hour I saw before my dvr put me out of my misery the rest was kind of bleh.

Scoffing at the music choices is one of the most enjoyable parts of the show! Realistically though the main reason to watch is that there's nothing else on in the summer.

While I appreciated the fact that there was less padding than previous finales, four dances and a solo each?!? No wonder a. most of them were bland and b. dancers are getting injured left and right

What, no write-up of the final episode?

Did they get the winner right at least? Inquiring minds must know!

We absolutely have to think even more in that way and find out a few things i can do over it.

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