@ December 1, 2009

The dumbest argument we have about football every year is whether or not teams want to go undefeated. Or, more specifically, should a team with a perfect record that has nothing to play for continue to play their starters?

Funny, I thought this had already been decided when the Giants and Patriots played in Week 17 of 2007. Both teams had sown up their playoff seeding, but the Patriots had 16-0 on the line. Instead of resting the starters and letting come what may, both teams played their guts out in one of the best contests of the season. The momentum of that game carried both teams to a Super Bowl rematch.

And so I make this bold prediction: if either the Saints or Colts rest their starters with a perfect season on the line in Week 17, they will lose their first playoff game.

Rank (LW) Team Record Comments
1 (1) 11-0 The Saints have the best chance to go undefeated, because the 10-1 Vikings will keep them fighting for home field advantage.
2 (2) 11-0 The Colts, as usual, will rest their players (i.e. cover them in rust) and then lose their opening playoff game as a result.
3 (3) 10-1 Has any team every gone 10-1 with less fanfare?
4 (6) 8-3 Nobody wants to face this team in the playoffs right now. They are on a six game winning streak.
5 (7) 8-3

Cincinatti is going to need new shoes after this cakewalk of a schedule they are on (ohsnap)

6 (4) 7-4 The problem isn't that Belichick is trying to convert 4th downs instead of kicking. Its that he keeps calling incredible predictable out patterns that almost get picked off every time.
7 (8) 7-4 I know, I can't believe it either.
8 (9) 8-3 For his career, Tony Romo is 11-2 in November, aka the month when the playoffs don't happen.
9 (10) 7-4 I'm starting to think that Michael Vick's tenure in Philadelphia has been more punishing than his prison tenure.
10 (19) 7-4 The Broncos defense rounded back into shape against the Giants.
11 (15) 5-6 I believe in Tennessee(tm). Having said that, they aren't going to beat Indy this weekend.
12 (5) 7-4 What Super Bowl hangover? This is exactly where they were at this point last season.
13 (18) 6-5 Love love LOVE the call by John Harbough to go for the kill against Pittsburgh on 4th down.
14 (11) 6-5 The Super Bowl hangover continues.
15 (12) 6-5 I choose to not believe Eli when he says that his foot injury isn't affecting his play, because the only other option is that he sucks.
16 (16) 6-5 Atlanta's playoff chances remain on life support.
17 (14) 5-6 The Dolphins probably deserve to drop lower than this since they had the worst loss of the week...
18 (17) 5-6 ...oops, sorry, I didn't see you there, Houston. Never mind.
19 (24) 5-6 Don't count the Niners out of the NFC West just yet...
20 (13) 6-5 20th ranked, and yet only one spot out of the playoffs.
21 (25) 5-6 Sanchez won the Battle of the Mediocre Quarterbacks Who People Still Think Are Good For Some Reason.
22 (20) 4-7 What's worse: the play of the Panthers last week, or the fact that they are my suicide pool pick this week?
23 (31) 4-7 Surprising doesn't even begin to describe the win over Miami.
24 (21) 3-8 What a whupping! My ass hurts after that one.
25 (22) 3-8 So what quarterback will they be drafting next year?
26 (23) 2-9 You wanna see a ferocious lion? BAM.
27 (26) 4-7 I stopped getting NFL RedZone this weekend, and was forced to watch the Bears play. I will now pay any price the cable company asks to get RedZone back. Well played, NFL. Well played.
28 (27) 3-8 I thought about moving them up on the strength of their near-wins against Dallas and Philadelphia. Then I remembered, "oh yeah, losing winnable games is what makes a bad team terrible in the first place."
29 (28) 3-8 Good news for the four cops killed in Seattle yesterday: they don't have to watch the Seahawks anymore.
30 (29) 1-10 Yeah, but they are a FEISTY 1-10.
31 (30) 1-10 Arrr, we suck.
32 (32) 1-10 I get it! The Browns! You know, like poops.


It's really too bad the Seahawks bit was buried so deep in the post. Too soon, even by my standards, but it will forever live in my heart as a greatest hit.

I agree. You should have made Seattle #1 just for the punchline.

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