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This popped up on Twitter last Tuesday, but didn't come to my attention until yesterday:

Nissan Leaf = 367 mpg, no tailpipe, and no gas required. Oh yeah, and it'll be affordable too!
This message was obviously aimed right at the stomach of Chevy Volt's announcement of a 230 MPG rating from the DOE. Unfortunately it missed, and instead went right into the logic center of my brain, causing it to rattle and spark. This cannot be true, I thought.

Truth begins to reveal itself in the weasel wording of the next message from Nissan, posted about 90 minutes later:

To clarify our previous tweet, the DOE formula estimates 367mpg for Nissan LEAF.
Which begs the question: what is the DOE formula for estimating miles per gallon for an electric vehicle?

If you are thinking you are not interested in reading this, or think its going to be too long or boring, I cannot stress enough how much you should finish this, and how upset you'll be when you are done. Think of this like an M. Night Shyamalan movie: its going to have a twist ending that will leave you confused, angry, and possibly both.

First, let's briefly review my method of evaluating the efficiency of electric vehicles, which I defined as MPGe, or miles per gallon of electrons. A gallon of electrons is the amount of electricity equal to the energy in a gallon of gasoline. For details on the methodology, click here.

The Nissan Leaf boasts a range of 100 miles on an electric charge of 24 kWh. This breaks down to 4.2 miles/kWh, or 150 MPGe (multiply the miles/kWh by 36.6 kWh/gallon, the energy density of gasoline, to get MPGe).

This article from the Society of Automotive Engineers details the methodology taken by the DOE to get to their MPG rating. I had to read it 5 times before I finally understood what was going on, so I won't blame you if you get lost. Let's just go step by step.

STEP ONE: Determine the miles per kWh for the vehicle. We've determined that is 4.2 miles/kWh.

STEP TWO: Convert to gallons using the energy density of gasoline. (Note that so far my methodology is identical). The DOE uses an energy density of 33.7 kWh/gallon instead of 36.6. I don't take it personally. 4.2 miles/kWh x 33.7 kWh/gallon = 141.54 miles per gallon

STEP THREE: The DOE takes into account transmission and production efficiencies, not just usage at the vehicle. I had thought about using this in my evaluation as well, but I decided that I would draw the line at the place of purchase instead of production (as far as I knew, current MPG ratings do not take into account transmission or production energy that goes into making gasoline - we'll get to that in a second). The transmission efficiency used is 96%, and the production efficiency is 32.8%. This is the efficiency of a typical coal plant, and so can vary significantly depending on where you get your electricity, but WHATEV, let's just play along. 141.54 miles per gallon x 96% x 32.8% = 44.6 miles per gallon.

STEP FOUR: Here's where I learned something: CAFE standards actually DO take into account the distribution and production of petroleum. They use an efficiency factor of 83%. Because the electric vehicle does not use any petroleum, the MPG rating gets a boost. 44.6 miles per gallon / 83% = 53.7 miles per gallon.

STEP FIVE: Multiply by 6.67 for no apparent reason. 53.7 miles per gallon x 6.67 = 358 miles per gallon.  Uh... huh? Why?

The Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE standards, are a set of rules which legislate the average efficiency of a fleet of vehicles made by a given manufacturer. The overview of the rules is here. The relevant passage of the rules is reproduced here for your enjoyment:

The CAFE law provides for special treatment of vehicle fuel economy calculations for dedicated alternative fuel vehicles and dual-fuel vehicles. The fuel economy of a dedicated alternative fuel vehicle is determined by dividing its fuel economy in equivalent miles per gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel by 0.15. Thus a 15 mpg dedicated alternative fuel vehicle would be rated as 100 mpg.
53.7 miles per gallon / 0.15 = 358 miles per gallon!!!!  Just so we are clear, I will repeat that it has absolutely nothing to do with the vehicle's utilization of energy.

I didn't get 367 - the 4.2 miles/kWh I started with was an estimate, not the actual results of DOE's testing - but this is the method used to calculate the fuel efficiency of alternative fuel vehicles. This is not just for electric cars. Flex fuel vehicles that use ethanol use this same fuzzy math when they publish their fuel efficiencies. The lying isn't new, its just getting more noticeable.

Why is this allowed? The justification is that it encourages manufacturers to make non-petroleum vehicles by giving a bonus to their CAFE number. As CAFE standards increase, the manufacturer has the option of either making their vehicles more efficient, or abandoning petroleum as a fuel source.

I can live with that. But now those numbers are being used to deceive the public. People hear 367, or 250, and nobody understands. Nobody knows what it means. Except you, dear reader. You understand.

And also understand this: I am not angry and writing all this because I want electric vehicles to die. Its exactly the opposite: I think electric vehicles are the future. By creating unrealistic expectations for the performance of their vehicles, Nissan, Chevy, and everyone else who publishes this garbage are setting themselves up for failure.


CAFE stands for Corporate Average Fuel economy. So...if you have a vehicle that has 350mpg that would average out a whole bunch more 25mpg pickup trucks. That means they would have to produce a whole lot fewer electric vehicles to average into the mix. So it seems to me it is a way to allow the manufacturers to make less electric vehicles! If they were credited with 1000mpg they could get away with only making 1/3 as many vehicles.

Interesting, but I don't think that is the way consumers look at this. It isn't really the efficiency equivalence between gasoline and electricity that matters. It eventually will be the energy cost/mile of vehicles. You can write a simple formula for this:
let A= cost/kwh of elec (nat avg = $0.1149/kwh)
let B= cost/gal gas (nat avg 4/10/10 =$2.826/gal reg)
let C= miles/kwh of elect vehicle (Leaf = 4.2m/kwh)
So the equivalent mpg of the electric car on a cost basis is:
MPG equiv = B*C/A
Putting in Leaf and national avg cost of elec and gas would give
Leaf energy cost basis = 103 mpg

p.s. I live in HI and this is probably the worst state for making this comparison. Our electric charge is currently $0.245/kwh and our reg gas cost is about $3.50/gal. If I substitute these in the eq above I get the HI Leaf energy cost basis of ~ 60 mpg

As to why the DOE has multiplied by 6.67 for electric MPGe in their final ruling - "relative scarcity" - it is pure manipulation designed to favor "non scarce" fuels and it looks like even the DOE doesn't agree or approve of this factor but they didn't eliminate it either.

My suspicion is the DOE is being used and manipulated and DOE "leadership" isn't willing to fall on its sword.

Someone "big" has a (misguided?) agenda....Page 4 of the DOE link below explains that this multiplier has been in the ruling for other "flex" fuels and that the DOE doesn't agree with applying it.

They weenied out and avoided a political(?) fight by using 'established precedent' as an excuse for NOT eliminating this multiplier after clearly stating they don't agree with it!

FYI - They are now covered technically but are allowign an agenda to advance. They are "covered"....

Comic interlude on "precedent":

To continue with facts, here is a quote from the DOE:

"Since all of these fuels are
abundant, the concept of ��relative
scarcity�� is difficult to quantify
objectively, and in DOE�s judgement,
should not be an appropriate guiding
factor in the rulemaking at this time."

Is this is more work from the "good intentions paving company" or outright corruption?

Probably a little of both.....

Go go Jenson Button - another richly deserved win for a consistently top league driver - but try to stay out of controversy with Lewis Hamilton in future, that was genuinely scary for a minute there...

We could all gang up on them!

I think some here are missing the point. Sure, WEVE all heard of these movies, and seen most of them. Were Horror Fans (in capitals!) But the average movie renter will look at you with glazed eyes if you mention SISTERS or PEEPING TOM. This is for themkind of like a CARE package.

After such a loss, it sounds about right to me. Being at peace with it is a very good place to be.

well Babel and Cliff and Lee and Whoever.. I do whatever I know.. I am not a martyr.. I want a change and i am happy believing I am doing my bit.. i do not kill myself doing that and I am n ot willing to accept things the way they are.. what i do could be futile and worthless.. but i do it to the best of my ability.. happy making a difference to you all.. I am n ot pretentious, i just dont know the other.. the fact that you waste so much time on PFC trying to prove you are right under a fictitious name, away from your trying to help the world proves you are not just a liar and pretender but also not doing what you want to.. i walk the talk i do.. i dont want to or wish to walk the talk you do.. i seriously hope you Talk the walk that you say you are doin g.. i dont have to prove to you i make films, i do.. you have to prove to me you really do what you say.. prove it.. show me the evidence or fuck off.. you perform surgery in war zones.. bull shit.. i know people who do and they dont get time in months to call familes.. you are on PFC everyday.. you prove your credentials, i will say i am a choot.. or else you are not just the fibbing choot, you are worse

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There seems to be one thought that has been neglected here.Some of the many things that signal the end of a couuntry/nation/civilisation are:-1. Moral standards (biblical) vanish2. Law fails and corruption reigns supreme3. Personal responsibility, honour and integrity becomes scarce and trust goes out the window (who me? paranoid? never!)4. Life revolves around I instead of us

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This is a little something I need to do more research into, i appreciate you for the post.

These assholes play like this ALL THE TIME. Why people need someone important on the world stage to confirm what they already know, is simply retarded. I dont give a flying fuck what these pricks say, I know what the score is.

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A note to Informed. Thanks for your suggestion however, the JSO Musicians website contains no contact information beyond that of a webmaster and a contact for something called an Audience Association (I am sorry I dont know what that is). I am glad to know that the radio-thon did very well but in the final analysis I would have preferred to see a number and let me (and others) form opinions as to the degree of success. I wound up listening to quite a bit of it online and the methods used (in the medium of radio) were somewhat unusual in their departure from a traditional way of prompting a radio listener to take action. (such as in a public broadcasting membership campaign) Your second paragraph was most informative and I thank you for sharing that information.

J'ai beaucoup apprécié votre article, et je partage entièrement votre façon de voir. Merci à vous et bonne continuation :)

Im sure a lot of people in 1918 were complaining whyd we buy him hes out of shape! He played for the Red Sox I dont want him!

Those 2 CGs were it for his career. he had an 0.50 ERA after those 2 games, but in career games 3 thru 27 it was 7.80.

In my opinion, I disagree with you, if only because the views of older people are much different than ours, but definitely not worse.

Well said Budd and echoing your sentiments, thanks for posting this story Toni and thanks for writing it Craig. Kudos to both fine ladies also! Run Steady, dave

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There is definately a lot to find out about this issue. I love all the points you made.

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Tony ,first time poster long time reader of you(Moon is next to my bed since it came out) and your blog .Im glad you got a little taste of Boston .As a former traveler (cant leave Florida anymore) I can attest what a wonderful city it is ! But you must hit the Museums(Isabella Steawart Gardner ,MFA ) and see the Sergent murals in the Public Library next time . And Italian food in the North End after some local beers ! Congrats and Cheers Tony !!!

Based on the terribly stupid title that equates Zen with positive thinking I was prepared to hate the article as just another example of the linguistic abuse of the word zen. However, the article turned out to be just the opposite of the title, so the meaning was saved. Like you say, Zen is the mind being attentive to the mind; without being attached to good and bad, what is your original face? Without trying to avoid hating heat or trying to be happy with heat, turning the awareness of heat around to be aware of the source of awareness itself.

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To Gregory I dont think Kristina was equating zen with positive thinking in the literal sense. And, in any case, there is no need for bad language!

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You should ask you church leaders why they are hiding this from you

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