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[Part one is here.]

Yesterday, I stated repeatedly that miles per gallon is a stupid way of rating a plug-in electric hybrid like the Chevy Volt, which is now claiming an EPA estimated 230 MPG for city driving. Let's take this apart one piece at a time.

1) In a gasoline car that gets 30 miles per gallon, you can drive 30 miles and use one gallon of gas. In the Chevy Volt, based on our estimates of 40 miles of electric range and 50 MPG on gasoline backup, you will actually consume 3.8 gallons of gasoline if you drive 230 miles.

2) The EPA rates gasoline engines for city and highway driving for two reasons. The first is that city driving involves idling, which consumes fuel while not actually moving. The second is that the efficiency of gasoline engines varies with speed. However, electric motors have much more forgiving efficiency-speed curves than gasoline engines, and do not need to consume energy while idling. If you drove 100 miles on the freeway or 100 miles in the city, there will be little difference in how much fuel you've consumed.

3) Rating the engine based on gasoline consumption alone ignores the cost and environmental impacts of the electricity consumed during the first 40 miles of travel. Just because you've used no gas after 40 miles doesn't mean you haven't used energy, spent money, or emitted carbon. Its electricity, not pixie dust.

And its this last point that is most important. What is the fuel efficiency of the electric batteries? And how does this compare to the fuel efficiency of a gasoline engine?

According to the same CNN article from yesterday, 8 kilowatt-hours of energy are needed to go 40 miles. Aha! So you get 5 miles per kilowatt-hour.

Uh, does that mean anything to you? Me neither. Fortunately, we can convert kilowatt-hours to gallons of gasoline. Gallons of gasoline, like kilowatt-hours, barrel of oil, calories, or tons of cooling, is just one of the many difficult to decipher units of energy that we use on a regular basis. But if you have the right unit of conversion, comparisons can be made. In this case, the right unit of conversion is:

1 gallon of gas = 36.6 kWh

(5 miles) / (1 kWh) * (36.6 kWh) / (1 gallon of gas ) = 185 MPG equivalent

Here is where Chevy's claim of 230 MPG falls apart faster than an Ikea bookcase. When you are running just on the electric batteries, you are only getting 185 miles per gallon of gas equivalent used (let's call this a gallon of electrons, or Ge for short). Then, when you switch to gasoline, the efficiency drops to 50 MPG.

And it gets even more complicated from here. Let's say that I bought a Chevy Volt tomorrow. I pay roughly 12 cents per kWh for electricity, and $2.50 per gallon of gas. Based on my electric rate, my gallon of electrons costs $4.40. So even though the car gets 185 MPGe, that fuel costs me 75% more. If we calibrate MPGe for cost, we are down to 105 MPGe-dc (dollar calibrated*).

We can also do the same thing for carbon emissions. Using myself as an example again, every kWh of electricity results in just under one pound of carbon emissions. That means my gallon of electrons produces 36.2 pounds of carbon. Compare this to a gallon of gasoline, which produces 19 pounds of carbon when burned in an internal combustion engine. The gallon of electrons produces 91% more carbon than a gallon of gasoline! If we calibrate MPGe for carbon, we are down to only 97 MPGe-cc (carbon calibrated*).

To summarize:

Chevy-EPA smoke blowing bullshit rating: 230 MPG
Efficiency of electric drive: 185 MPGe
Calibrated for dollars: 105 MPGe-dc
Calibrated for carbon: 97 MPGe-cc
Once you are out of power: 50 MPG

Here's yesterday's graph, showing how MPG will vary with distance driven, now with lines for MPGe, MPGe-dc, and MPGe-cc added.

CHEVY VOLT MPG-2.JPGThe vehicle is supposedly going to be marketed to those drivers who drive only short distance each day. But we can see from this graph that its these people that are being most drastically lied to about the fuel efficiency of the car.

The 230 MPG rating is for marketing, but once the cars get out there, the backlash will begin. People will not get the fuel efficiency they thought they would. Their electric bills will increase. The cost of driving the car in terms of environmental impact will be much, much less than a regular gasoline vehicle, but much, much more than Chevy is advertising.

So couldn't GM have just come out and said this? The car gets 185 MPGe for the first 40 miles, and 50 MPG after that. Why did they need to come up with this bogus 230 MPG number that is just dying to be picked apart by every nerd with a calculator and a blog? Why not rely on your consumer to be smart enough to figure out what they are buying? Because anybody who can't understand this is also too stupid to earn enough money to buy a $40,000 vehicle.

$40,000?!?! Yes. But that is a topic for tomorrow.

*Exact dollar-calibrated and carbon-calibrated values will differ depending on where you live, how you get your energy, and how energy prices vary with time. Obviously.


The carbon equivalent you use is based on the carbon produced by burning gas, but uses the carbon resulting from the production of the electricity. The carbon created in the production and transportation of 1 Gg is much higher than the carbon created in the production of 1 Ge, isn't it?

If I understand your question correctly, you are talking about the carbon that is released as part of the process of making gasoline (drilling, transportation, processing, etc). Lots of very smart people have been working on the question of "intrinsic" carbon due to transportation, manufacturing, material processing, etc, but I'm not one of them. So while it seems right that gasoline which is produced from oil in the middle east has more intrinsic carbon than coal mined in west virginia, I have no data on that so I ignored it.

“What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.”

The only brown shirts I have heard of are the would be Obama Youth, mandatory public servants. Well nip that in the bud too

I love reading posts like these!! It was fun for me cuz I feel like I know u pretty well and it was fun reading ur answers & comparing them to what i thought ud say. That said probably a stalker. Hahahaha!!!

No need for wasting energy on anything else. All further bickering will be removed so that we can focus on the proper goal. ANYTHING that disturbs this website from doing as such, will not show up.

Its going to take a literal army to remove them from power. It will take an army to protect our borders while we do so also, because if we start kicking them out en mass we will have dozens of countries lined up and ready for war against us. There really is only one solution, and that is to fight like the dickens, but most people are afraid to even openly stand up against them, let alone risk their lives to make it better. A lot of people around the world will say its up to you Americans to win this, but thats wrong also. Its going to take a coordinated GLOBAL effort to remove them from EVERYWHERE at the same time. Its going to take SHUTTING DOWN the monetary/banking system for a while. SHUTTING DOWN and regaining control of the media and standing up ready for WAR.

Polls are fun, but can be dangerous. I prefered it when Boston Globe predicted 15 points ahead Coakley and Rassmusson 46 Brown 48 Coakley. We would like Coakley voters to relax and stay home, while Brown supports make sure they get to the polls and bring a friend or two to vote. Polls can bread overconfidence. We have 5 days to keep working, phoning, blogging, tweeting, and texting. Lets not crack the champaign yet gents and ladies. Lets Roll and make sure we have enough votes to pass the trunkload of ballots that will likely appear, the busloads of voters that could be brought in, and observers w/cameras at every polling place.

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Whay does marriage have to be certified by the state? The answer is because it comes with legal rights and privilages (i.e. tax breaks, insurance, etc.) I think the real answer is to eliminate the state from the equation all together. Let each church decide the question of marriage and divorce, but keep the legal drama out of it. A legally binding divorce decree would either be decided by the couple, or in a divorce court that accepts all forms of marriage. The bottom line is, that we should get the govt out of the marriage business altogether.

Well this ones for all of us, so touching

I now know why they say 9 million dollars will make an ugly motherfucker cute LOL:

99% accurate but you've got a bit of, well, to put it bluntly, garbage there.

cute post! and im right there with you for the sub 3:30 marathon. i gotta do it!

I agree with you 100%. I loved the book Marathoning for Mortals and often refer back mentally to the respect the distance section before every long run. As far as I am concerned, if a runner trains to the best of her ability and tries her best during the marathon and finishes in 6 hours, she deserves that medal just as much as someone who trains hard and runs hard and finishes in 3 hours. Everyone is different in their abilities and thats what I love about the sport of running. It doesnt discriminate. Anyone can do it. Thanks for inspiring me to be a better runner.

Not sure about this news. It seems to be all right, but something is not right

Dios mío, pensé que ibas a chip con algunos insght decisivo al final no, no dejarlo con lo dejamos a usted la verdad .

It's kind of sucks how you were featured as one of the top 25 most promising blogs in 2012 at but you're not doing anything about it...I wish I was in your position.

Quick question, what would you do with the $2,100+ weekly checks from ? Because I'm having a bit of trouble deciding what to do with my current earnings =). I guess I'll just save up...

Your comments regarding the Radiothon and FOJS are duly noted and fair observations. I have had some of the same questions myself. However, I will not be so quick to judge the Radiothon or sell FOJS short.

Anybody don't like ikea stuff

Do these kinds of things pop up on the web all the time? You bet. And its at least something to tide people over on a slow news day/week. But are we really getting anything out of it? I dont see any value. All it ends up bringing about is the usual comment about how much somebody wants the new game, how much somebody hates that Series B gets a new game over Series A, how much somebody wants a series that wasnt even mentioned in the first place, and of course those lovely, lovely, immature people who say I know what Rockman fans want and its not this or that; and this series isnt Mega Man because what I say is the Gospel (pun intended) truth. And I seriously enjoy how none of these people ever bring up anything powerful enough to back up their points or anything.

39. Commuter:Anecdotal and for what it's worth: Born and bred in Mass and most family is still in state.

Whether one believes in a religion or not, and whether one believes in rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who doesn't appreciate kindness and compassion.

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Im from Massachusetts, currently a registered Democrat. I am voting for Scott Brown, and I am planning to change my party affiliation. This is NOT the Democratic party that my parents and grandparents were so dedicated to.

Yes. I get it. Its sad. So many people are afraid of the antisemite word. What in hell is a semite anyway? I think it means Arab as well???

congrats and good job on the 5k!

This is such a great post Aron. Its amazing how much running has brought to your life Im so happy for you! Maybe we will both be pushing joggers with babies on the IHT, hahah!!! Oh thats kinda scary xoxo

Just hope they wont wasted a day trying to get passed Megaman 7/Yellow Devil

Hi Subhash,In the past, Fletcher hasnt fit any of the US News categories. I just looked through the list. Public affairs would be closest but, as you noted, Fletcher isnt there and neither are our peers. The international politics category refers to traditional academic departments. Multidisciplinary programs such as Fletchers just dont neatly fit anywhere!

Keep the light shining on these crooks and don't let a single issue slide!

In particular, I believe that trying those terrorists killers in New York City, treating them to a civilian rather than military trial, is the height of lunacy; the most egregious of all of Obamas mistakes. Its like putting a target on the back of every New Yorker. My most ardent hope is that sooner rather than later hes led out of the White House in handcuffs.

Things are not quite that bad. The Democrats can only fool around if the vote totals show that Scott Brown won with a .025 percent or less margin. The game is up with anything more than that. Vote fraud gets to be very dicey when the difference get anywhere near .05 percent.

AWESOME congrats. and looking at your pics from athletes village, i TOTALLY saw you. i even thought to myself that it could have been you but i didnt want to embarrass myself by shouting FLO. now i wish i did!

I am showing my support for you personally Nothing against the other things I could support, but I dont know about them; however I do know you and you are AWESOME!! I still feel sad that I did not get to see you. And I wish you were in Boston with me. But, Boston is a cool place (even though not a new cool place) so you can come visit me now.And, give aways. You actually did sort-of have one (or sponsored one) and I got a free, new book.Alright, thats all. If I new any aspiring writers Id tell them to sign up for your workshop. But cant think of anyone.Finally, I thought Captcha code was gone. Its not. But fortunately, I saw it today.

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They did last time. It got them about as much positive publicity as the organization (the ASPCA?) that complained about the animals left behind when the Germans deported the Jews.

For me, my Garmin is my "official record" of my run. It keeps the data for the log (even if I am not really keeping track). Garmy is always there and always records so later I can go back and see. So I understand. I can be so bummed out when I am ready to work out and Garmys battery is dead! It is almost like, if I workout without a Garmin, it never happened!.

One of the things that this event need not turn into is a bashing of wine ratings. There was nothing here to rate. It is utter ridiculous to ever expect wines scoring at those levels to be precise nailable.

Ojo, en ningún momento estoy negando la necesidad de autoridad. Pero ésta no se gana con poner cara a la pared y menos con castigos irracionales y anacrónicos de absurdas copias, como muy bien dice haha.

But, as the saying goes, the last time I confused Burgundy with Bordeaux was at lunch.

I dont see this monster going down w/out a dirty fight.

If you have a place already well done!Otherwise qualifying times are related to age.This means different age groups have a qualifying timeage group 40-45 men is probably around 2 hrs 50 or faster.You have to be able to prove from past race results you can run a marathon at that pace.

Always nice to hear input from within Capcom, even if its not definitive. So yes, please, continue to post this stuff.

Need to see great videos like this one this guy make's you really feel his pain.

If any evidence is required as to why Film magazines sell rag and escapist and provocative movies get all the fame we need look no further than PFC ,where only articles which rake up controversy or are part of a direct attack on someone get all the comments.

Kevin, Ill have the New Hampshire report up tomorrow morning, probably (uploading the video now) I still need to record the rest of it. Between yesterdays nap and just being busy all day today I havent had a chance to put it all together yet.

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Excellent movie!!! This was the best horrorfest film in my opinion. Anyone whos ever been bullied in school will get a kick outta this movie. A cult classic!!!

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