@ June 17, 2009

Or just self-congratulatory masturbation by me? Or both? WE REPORT YOU DECIDE.

Evaluating this match has the same problems as the recent NBA Finals. Did the Lakers win it? Or did the Magic choke and lose it? Incidentally, I think my Scrabble match had almost as many viewers. OOOH NBA YOU GOT BURNED.


Can we get some statistical analysis of nerdiness? Because you're trending high...very high.

Here's me thinking that Cricket graphs had no applicable use outside of the sport. My baggy green cap goes off to you sir.

Nerdy? Oh, you should see my graphs correlating the questions at Hooters Trivia in Albany with the questions on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Yaworm, I demand that you release these graphs to me immediately.

are there any home remedies for the gout out there?

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