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After watching this commercial, I have questions: 

1. Does the message contained within these commercial - that your pubic hair is an out of control lawn that must be meticulously manicured with a special razor - actually resonate?
2. No, seriously, how close are you to purchasing one of these to begin your new career as a topiarist
3. Circles? Hearts? Really? Who? Where? 

I came home the other day and my LadyFriend was agog with the news of the first of these two commercials, having seen one air during an episode of Ellen. "I can't believe that aired!" she exclaimed, not in a tone to indicate she was necessarily opposed, but rather out of sheer shock. Then we found the second commercial online, and she laughed hysterically the entire time. 

As a man, I am terribly confused. I have always imagined that societal expectations about hairlessness were a tolerated irritation amongst women, particularly in private. But according to this commercial, women have not only embraced what amounts essentially to hairlessness, but they do so with their friends, and in neat shapes too! Seriously.

HBO offers a channel called Comedy Plex, which is fine in the evenings, but trots out a never-ending collection of early 1980's comics during the day, all of whom have the following to say, "Men are like this, but women are like this!" Alternately, you get a comedian who mixes it up with, "Women are like this, but men are like this!" Somehow, this always gets guffaws, as the audience collectively acknowledges, "It's so true! We are different." I have spent my life staring blankly at the television, wondering who any of those people are. 

Now, I'm 28 with two kids, and as a result of these commercials, I've now become a member of those audiences. Somebody shoot me before I start finding any of Judy Tenuta's work enjoyable.

Here's the other, longer version...perv:


Hey Sam - welcome to the site.

Also, I demand that the Suze keep her pubic hair in the shape of a T-Bone steak. Don't ask why. I have my reasons.


Thanks for having me. I demand that my LadyFriend does whatever she want without my consultation whatsoever, lest the razor is turned on me.

Uggg. No way. You and Suzi aren't one of those couples that refers to your pets as kids, are you? Tell me you two actually have 2 kids that you just didn't mention to me.

Sam, thanks for bringing this up. I was wondering if this ad would get any play on the OC.

I have a some extra respect for the networks airing this spot. Schick is essentially sponsoring a PSA. If just one LadyFriend out there decides to not-be-gross henceforth, it's all worth it.

The second advertisement appears to be British, which explains a lot. Also, because it's British, you have to pronounce it "add - vert - iss - mint."

Mow the lawn! Mow the lawn! Oh oh oh oh.

Can we make that a downloadable in Rock Band?

joe, I didn't write this article. there are a few contributors here on the site now, you gotta check the byline.

This whole British singing one is making my brain hurt.

Do women call their vajayjay "my Aphrodite" in England? (Gabe? Can you enlighten us as to whether shaved Aphrodites seem to exist in London?)

The Asian girl making little Bonsai tree things: Really? Check out her expression at the 40 second mark.

I now find myself looking at random women and asking myself "I wonder if she mows *her* lawn...

When are they going to start marketing a similar product to men? You know it's going to happen.

ok - enough - This whole discussion makes me feel like I've lived too long - Jesse, as your mother, I have to say - "Go to your room and when you can behave like a human you may come back out to play".

By the way Jim - if they make a product for men what will they refer to it as - It wouldn't be "mow the lawn" so what do you expect they would refer to it as? Just asking.

"if they make a product for men what will they refer to it as - It wouldn't be "mow the lawn" so what do you expect they would refer to it as? Just asking."

They call it manscaping.

I am trying to think of a good manscaping jingle. I'm only coming up with one to the tune of "Escape."

Do you like penis coladas?
Going down on your man,
If you're not into hairy balls,
Get him to manscape!

Gah. Bylines... contributors... so confusing.

But still, Jesse and Suzi, please don't call pets kids. Unless they're baby kagaroos, right?


Or goats.

they already have something for men... check it out if you're looking for that extra inch

also joe, i'm never having kids. nothing sounds less appealing than having a parasite deforming my body for 40 weeks only to have to squeeze it out of my vag and then pay for it's college education. so no, we do not refer to our pets as our kids. nothing to worry about there.

To Suzie - Don't call my son a parasite who deformed my body for 40 weeks, etc, etc. Yes, I helped pay for his college education but he was worth it. Just look at this blog as evidence of money well spent. Besides, if you look at it that way we're all just parasites (Hmm) Never mind.

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