@ February 23, 2009

You should have finished him when you had the chance, Rose.


Umm, what the hell does Rose care, they're clearly not messing with HER...

Motherfucker's not dead yet, Yaworm.

I'm sorry Suzi, I didn't realize the Nannerpuss were so vicious.

This video has ruined Nannerpuss. You took an entirely amateurish video and turned it into an artsy-fartsy film with your stop-animation and your multiple scenes. More effort was put into this production than into the original commercial all because Rose and I made a video superior to your own. We played your game and we won and that wasn't enough for you. So you might have won the Oscar for Best Production in a Nannerpuss Knock-off, but Rose and I grossed more laughs at the box office.

Daytrader: your irritation validates my efforts.

Rose and Adam's video is still the best....... For the time being. I've got something in the works.

Make sure it doesn't include things like "multiple scenes", lest it be declared artsy fartsy.

Nannerpuss (nannerpi? nannerpussies?) do indeed exist in the UK, in response to jesse's last comment to me. They tend to have a shorter half-life due to massive consumption of Australian beer in the local pubs.

Today is FREE PANCAKE DAY AT IHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure if I'll have multiple shots or not. We shall see.

Suzi -

If Rose could handle a god damn banana, I don't know what your problem is. I thought you were tougher than that.

from the age of 1 to about 14, every time i ate a banana, i vomited. this story is irrelevant to the actual purpose of this response. JESSE MADE ME DO IT! stop picking on my or else i'll fuck you up (except maybe for you mother craft...maybe).

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