@ February 19, 2009

As the Fox News helicopter films traffic on a highway west of downtown Houston with a large swath of grass to either side...

"Thanks Don for those images from SkyFox, looks like there's alot of green around those highways if they need to expand them..."
And with that, Erin Anthony, Fox 26 Houston morning traffic reporter, became part of the problem. 

What's that you say, Don? There is still some green space left in Houston city-limits? Quick! Call the Mayor! Tell him to get his head out from in between Obama and MLK for a second! Somebody needs to put a highway on that shit! We can't defeat the terrorists until every square inch of America is paved over!

Maybe we should be concerned with more important things, Erin Anthony, like why you feel the need to give us your awful, uninformed opinions on transportation infrastructure. Or lwhy you insist on being a fat unattractive woman on my television in the morning.  Why can't you be more like NBC local news anchor Dominique Sachse?

Oh my yes.  If her face is pulled that tight, can you imagine the rest of her? And she doesn't have opinions on ANYTHING.

But not you, Erin Anthony.  Nothing about you is tight, including your assessment of Houston's infrastructure needs.  You are part of the problem, Erin Anthony. You. Are. Part. Of. The. Problem.

(Okay, I have to say one more thing about Dominique. In addition to being a stone-cold news fox, she takes part in what may be the best/worst thing I have ever seen in a local news broadcast.  Watch the video below, and skip to the two minute mark. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: THE WHEEL OF JUSTICE. And yes, there is an actual wheel.)


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