@ February 22, 2009



Oh! Snap! Marionette-technology and the f-bomb! I think they win.

When Nannerpuss inspires greatness, we all win.

There is no way a Nannerpuss homage could be any more awesome than this. NO FREAKIN' WAY.

I will never look at a ban-.. nannerpuss the same way again...

Oh, they have bananas in England, do they? too right!

Motherfucker is *not* dead yet.

I like how this has generated more comments than anything else on the blog in weeks. I think it shows how much the readership appreciates banana-torture-pancake-porn.

I defy anyone to do a better Nannerpuss video. I DEFY THEM.

I miss you guys.....

Wildcard was starting to think you Spielberged this, but the Goodfellas nod washed my fears away.

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