@ December 2, 2008

The spot: Christmas morning.  A girl in a nightgown stands in her posh living room next to a pony with a bright red ribbon on it.  The scene is painted in a slight sepia tone, giving you the impression of the past.  The girl addresses the camera: "This is Dolly! Don't you remember how excited you were? Yelling so loud the neighbors came over?" Cut to the front door, where the neighbors enter, along with their own little girl.  "Remember how jealous Ann Marie was?" the little girl asks with a sly grin on her face, as the neighbor girl drops her own pony doll in disbelief. Closeup of little girl's face: "Dolly was the bestest present ever. Nothing could ever be more..." match cut to face of grownup woman. "...Perfect." She completes the thought, now standing in front of a Lexus sedan with a large ribbon on it.  The voice-over jumps in to tell us that we should make this a "December to Remember" by leasing the new Lexus RS-350 for only $399 a month.

The National Bureau of Economic Research released their findings yesterday that the United States economy is in a recession, and has been for the last 12 months.  This comes as a shock to nobody who has paid attention to the news: the collapse of every major investment bank on Wall Street, the tightening of credit markets, the precipitous drop in the stock market, and the subsequent layoffs and cutbacks in the workforce have all been making daily headlines for the second half of 2008.  The uncertainty in the job market, combined with the unavailability of credit, is predicted to have a devastating effect on the Christmas shopping season. 

This time of year typically brings sales and financing deals at all retailers to entice buyers, but there is a desperation in the air that is new.  On Black Friday, Jdimytai Damour, an employee at a Wal-Mart on Long Island, was killed when a throng of shoppers waiting in the parket lot shoved in the doors and trampled him to death on their way to discount merchendise.  Two other people died in a gunfight in a Toys R Us store in Southern California. 

But you know what? FUCK ALL YALL, BECAUSE I AM GETTING A LEXUS.  Hey, let's invite the family of that WalMart employee over to my house so I can rub it in their face, just like I rubbed it in the face of that little girl when I got that pony.  Remember that? When I got a motherfucking pony for Christmas? I was all like, "daddy, can I have a pony?" and he was all like, "of course you can, sweetheart, cause I want to make sure that you grow up to be a spoiled horrible woman.  My dream is that, in a time when people will step on a brother to save $20 on a DVD player, you will have a husband who will drop 40 large on a car without even consulting you.  Because you just have so much goddamn money, 40 large on a car is like, WHATEVS, baby." 

Lexus holds a "December to Remember" sales event every year, and every year I've thought to myself, "Jesus Christ, are there really people in the world who buy each other luxury cars as presents?" But this ad finally explains it to me.  I get it now.  If you lived in a huge house with a stone fireplace and celebrated Christmas morning with a pony, then you get a Lexus.  Otherwise, you have to trample immigrants to death on the way to the discount racks on Black Friday.


While the ad is totally vile, I think this is a bit off base. It's not targeted at people who could drop 40 grand on a car, it's targeted at people who could take on more debt to lease one for $400 a month to make their wives feel like the princess, and not Ann Marie. Which is even worse, really.

A-FREAKIN-MEN!!!!! Watching that commercial brings those same exact thoughts to my mind. Obviously, the girl portrayed in the commercial had been in training since childhood on how to become a spoiled rotten bitch...and be smug about it too! Its not even like she expresses any joy or gratitude for being lucky - its like the rest of poor working-for-a-living folk are just chumps and suckers. $%^& her and @#$% Lexus for a REALLY dumb campaign especially in this economic climate.

When my money gets right again, and I can spend 40k on a car, damn sure won't be on a overpriced overblown version of a Toyota Camry (and I can say that because I had one)...this time I will go with an Audi or something without insensitive annoying commercials at Christmastime.

I like the cut of your jib.

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First, that is so funny about the twins. That makes me laugh as well! Second, I cannot believe that you are going to be 49. You do not look like you should be that age. You look fabulous!!!! Third, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one and I will raise a toast to you on your birthday!

Its just the way it works out. Genetics or behavior the result is the same. Gays are gay. Those I have talked to are very clear that it isnt a choice.

While I certainly agree with Doodys point You're always being judged, that's the culture we live in, the question we must ask ourselves is, is RateBU right?

David Cameron (British PM) came out recently and said GAZA is a prison camp, and the jews are dismayed at his comments..guess what, David Cameron IS A JEW, and he told us nothing we dont already know. Its all a trick to try to get people to think Cameron is a decent guy.

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Most of the spam seem to say the same things over and over. Do you think they are using some kind of comment service to leave comments or do they just lack imagination?

6. Gary Rosen: “I'm going to throw out a counterintuitive thought just for fun – maybe Obama *wants* Brown to win.”

Yeah its called a bible

While it can be said that bulk of al-Qaeda operations was removed from Iraq (most of the guys were sent to hell by the US military), its a very far shot to claim that al-Qaeda closed its offices in Afghanistan. If you disagree with me, then you should give some reasonable explanation as to the cause of exponential growth of losses of American personnal in Afghanistan, including the recent murder of dozen of CIA operatives.

I had faith in you! So excited! Cant wait to see all the pictures.

After reading this, I actually dont feel too worried about Heartbreak Hill? Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? I dont know but I will go with the impression you gave me its as challenging as you want to make it Great job on the race!

The Constitution and Bill of Rights declares that we ALL have many unalienable and inherent rights. Period. Youve very conveniently ignored my challenges and that would be because you have no justification or authority to stomp on others. I only want our Constitution to be followed as the framers so wisely wrote it. I want all these crap laws to be struck down as the illegal garbage that they are. I celebrate and support your right to live as you believe is right. Why is it so difficult for you to accord that right to others?

45cal: The rest of you are ALLOWING others to enjoy their lifestyles? How big of you. From where do you get this authority? Religious intolerance is one of the ugliest things Ive ever seen and I dont care what religion is demanding that THEIRS is the only right one. None of you who insist that its your way or NO way are following the loving words and examples of your supposed inspiration, Jesus Christ.

Yay! I want to win, I want to win ! Hehe

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Im from Massachusetts (not really, just moved there a few years ago). I made sure to get my absentee ballot in for Brown. I think if the election is run honestly (that means if the Republicans have enough monitors and lawyers to challenge all the cheaters) Brown will win. The momentum is all his, his opponent is a mindless Democrat stick of wood, and everyone, from everywhere, is sick of the socialist push that has been going on. But I remain worried. Ive seen what organizations like ACORN can do to steal an election at the last minute. Well see them holding the polling stations in Boston open until 10:00 because of heavy turnout (I guess those dead bodies they carry into the polls are pretty heavy), and the numbers will shift towards the idiot. Every school bus in Boston will be put into action, toting a bunch of illiterate deadbeats to the polls who couldnt care about voting (only the cigarettes and sandwiches they are paid with, a la New Orleans).

I added your blog to bookmarks. And i'll read your articles more often! Before this, it would be possible for the government to arrest you just based on whatever you were saying, if they didnt like it.

I would love it if my kids made more money then their parents. Then I could ask them for cash to go to the store instead of the other way around! lol

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Besides, who gives a shit what the Rock n Roll HoF thinks?

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