@ December 31, 2008

SimCity is the ultimate time killer.  Time is Nicole Brown Simpson, and SimCity is OJ.  I have played various versions of SimCity since before I was a teenager, when I got SimCity for the Super Nintendo.  It was like a drug; I spent the following summer in a SimCity induced haze, a friend and I baked on the couch in front of pixelated grids of streets and railroads and blocks marked with R or C or I. 

If the Super Nintendo version was pot, then SimCity 4 for the PC is crack.  I fire it up, and then all of a sudden 4 hours have gone.  Where did they go? I'm not sure - I was busy fine tuning my transportation network (needs more elevated rail!)  All I know is that I had lunch, sat down to play, and now its time for Judge Judy. Take that, vacation!

SimCity skate park.JPGHere I have made the world's most dangerous skate park. Some teenager overshoots that right edge, and he's in for about a 75 foot fall to the pavement.

SimCity inaccessible highway.JPGThis is how poor people live.  The highway and the train tracks go through your neighborhood, but there is no on-ramp or station there.  All of the noise, none of the benefits. 

Don't try and tell me these pictures don't make you want to play SimCity.  You know they do.

SimCity valley train.JPG


Have you gotten the OS X version to work in Leopard? Or are you Bootcamping it?

I'm bootcamping it up. I didn't even realize there was an OS X version.

simcity 4 is getting old.
check out

it looks to be the next big thing that will top the simcity series when it comes to city building.

I can't seem to appreciate this during my specific computer system

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Bedankt voor het delen! Succes verder!

Bedankt voor het delen! Succes verder!

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Mooi artikel, mijn complimenten en bedankt voor het delen

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