@ August 21, 2008

The closing ceremonies aren't until Sunday, but I hereby declare the Olympics over.

Michael Phelps is done swimming.  Misty May and Keri Walsh are done playing volleyball in their skimpy underpants.  And Usain Bolt has... well... bolted (couldn't help it) into and out of our lives.  Last night, I was subjected to another 2 hours of platform diving at THE WATERCUBE (TM) before we finally got to some games I could be interested in.  And by then I was too tired to read the matchup of China and USA in the women's beach volleyball gold medal match as an allegory for our inevitable conflict fighting over the last remaining scraps of oil under the desert in the Middle East.

So, with the closing of my interest in this Olympic games, so too comes the shuttering of the Obscure Olympic spotlight.  We end our travels with Lin Dan, the Bad Boy of Badminton, and, as far as I can tell, all around douchebag.

Thumbnail image for lin-dan-1.jpgDuring the gold medal match in men's singles, Dan, who is the number one ranked player in badminton-crazed China, put on a show against his opponent; a show of bratty petulance, that is! Oh snap!  He was constantly delaying the game, insisting on a change of shuttlecock (hehe), pointing and gesturing at the line when he disputed a call (which was frequently), pumping his fist and screaming in Chinese, and overall showing up his opponent. 

I'm not against showboating in general.  In fact, when done right, a proper amount of showmanship can add to the enjoyment of an event (yes, I'm still talking about Usain Bolt - he is amazing!)  But watching Lin Dan play badminton turned me into Joe Buck.

Thumbnail image for lin-dan-2.jpg

Lin Dan's poor sportsmanship on the court is only rivaled by his asshattery off the court.  Want to find some examples, other than the fact that his blog had two different pictures of himself putting cologne on in front of a mirror? Honestly, you do not need to look very hard.

Lin's most recent public bust-up was with South Korea's Chinese coach Li Mao in January.
During a defeat to Lee Hyun-il, Lin threw his racket in Li's direction after protesting a line call awarding a match point to Lee.  Lin refused to apologize for his outburst, saying Li was insulting him in Chinese."

"In April, Lin was forced to deny on his blog newspaper reports that he had punched his coach Ji Xinpeng in training."

"Lin has also had some famous public spats with the Athens champion Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia. It has been written before: Lin Dan is Chinese for John McEnroe."
This last fact is not accurate.  Lin Dan does not translate as John McEnroe.  It actually translates as "I'm a spoiled douchebag who thinks the fact that I'm good at what is, ultimately, a pretty retarded sport makes me better than you, and I live in a country that reinforces this inflated view of myself."  (It really is amazing how much meaning the Chinese language can pack into each word.)

Despite my distaste, Dan is huge in China.  He is, after all, the best player in China's most popular sport.  He is dating the number one female player, and an entire generation of Chinese girls is absolutely dewy for him.  This only confirms a sneaking suspicion I've had: Chinese people are all jerks.

PS: Bonus points for actually translating his blog instead of just skimming it for photos.


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