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One of the problems with having friends who are very Internet savvy is that, anytime I discover something cool floating through the series of tubes, I run the risk mockery. "Wow, Jesse, you just found this? I already looked at, was sarcastic about, and dismissed this internet fad 6 months ago.  Here's something else you might find interesting.  It's called fire, it's the latest thing."

My friends are jerks.  But I will, nonetheless, continue to stumble through this barren Internet landscape and run back to show you all anytime I find some particularly shiny rock.  Today's shiny rock? This:

And this:

I loved Mario Paint when it came out, despite the fact that I was never able to actually do anything cool with it.  I was unable to draw anything that didn't look like a special-needs art project, and my "music" invariably devolved into an exercise determining how many of the notes in the pre-loaded songs I could replace with cat or dog sounds.  Speaking of which:

There are "artists" kicking around the nets that post original work in this format, but composing an original piece in Mario Paint is an exercise in futility.  Who with any ability to actually write a piece of music worth listening to would use this as their medium? And who would want to listen? No, the true Mario Paint geniuses are the ones that interpret popular music in this limited format.

I call it the Karaoke Effect.  Nobody wants to hear assholes in a bar sing an original composition.  It would be terrible.  But I'd rather watch four drunk girls stumble through Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" than actually listen to the real thing.  The same is true with these songs: most of the best Mario Paint compositions are based on terrible, terrible music. Take On Me? What is Love? And yet, the same song composed with toy boats and power-ups from the Mario series is hypnotic.

Even better? Every once in awhile at the karaoke bar, a really good singer shows up and actually gives a performance that can be enjoyed on its merits.


Kawaiiiiiiiiiii!!!! \(^o^)/

Yeah, I love these.

Kawaiiiiiiiiiii!!!! \(^o^)/


Fuck you. you use this site as a way to rage and piss about stuff that other people enjoy. someone took a lot of time to compose those songs on mario paint. you know why? for the sake of making it on paint. its a hobby for some people, for others a joke, but who the hell gave you the right to post a hate-page against something as harmless as a musical time-killer? no one. If you simply must riff on something someone else enjoys, diss the lack of career or personality that is your life, douchebag.

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Man, this site rules! Just my 2 Cents!

I'll go after comments I disagree with, but I don't seek the absence of the opinion of those with whom I do not agree.

This is exactly what I was looking for. :) Thank you very much!

How CUTE is this idea? I'll be tirnyg this one for sure! thanks for sharing.. oh, and I clicked on TopMommy for ya! :) Have an awesome weekend!

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