@ June 19, 2008

1. Football! High school football, college football, NFL football, pee-wee football, fetus football, geriatric football, and futbol.

2. Central time! All those shows that say 8/7c? Well we're in the 7c! All your favorite shows are on an hour early.  No more waiting until 8 o'clock for prime-time to distract you from paying attention to your spouse.  Haha, actually I'm kidding.  I start watching TV as soon as I get home anyway.

3. ...

4. Give me a second...

5. Tornadoes! Those are exciting...

6. Um...

Please don't leave me here by myself. They put the state of Texas on everything. EVERYTHING.  You saw the waffle, right? It's like that, but everywhere.  You have to drive 15 miles to get to a Dunkin' Donuts.  And why is everyone so goddamned friendly? It's really freaking me out.  What do you want from me, guy at the rental car counter? Just give me the car! Aaaauaaaaghgh!

7. Oh, they have a really awesome highway system here.  Really great. Yeah.


You are doing one hell of a job selling it.

Could not could appreciate this in my person personal computer

Another fine George Bush move. I guess not until this film would I have realized the mess our country is in.

Many people tend to trust the following but We don't think I'm one of them.

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